Silencis Pro Review

Tinnitus, or ear-ringing, affects over 45 Million Americans and even more people around the world. Symptoms vary in intensity, some suffer from mild or occasional ear ringing, while for others it is an intense noise, usually of a high intensity.

Many studies suggest tinnitus comes from the part of the brain that processes sounds, called the “auditory cortex”. But for many years, this was not the case; it was commonly agreed upon in the medical community that Tinnitus is an ear condition.

We’ve decided to do a Silencis Pro Review after we’ve discovered what sparked the interest and dedication towards discovering the real cause of Tinnitus… it was actually a bizarre experiment conducted in the 1950’s on deaf people. Back then, researchers suggested that debilitating tinnitus can be treated by cutting the auditory nerve. The idea was that as long as you are deaf, you won’t hear a thing, but you won’t have tinnitus.

The results were disastrous since the patients who went along with it and got their auditory nerve surgically cut suffered tremendously, became completely deaf… but their tinnitus got even louder.

This made it clear to them that the true cause behind Tinnitus isn’t in the ear, but in the brain! It’s been discovered that Tinnitus is actually your brain signaling for help while the tiny brain cells keep misfiring.

Luckily, today we have better alternatives, sourced directly from nature.

Is Silencis Pro safe?

Short answer: Yes. The Silencis Pro pills were designed to fit both a short-time and a long-term use. Since it was designed to sustain a healthy brain activity, many patients continue using it and even share it with family members.

There have been no recorded side-effects since the Silencis Pro supplement was created so that it has no damaging effect on people who have various allergies; the quantities of the allergen ingredients inside the SIlencis Pro pills are selected to be below the allergy-triggering levels.

But keep in mind that both us, in this Silencis Pro analysis and the scientists behind this discovery, encourage everyone who has a known allergies to one of the mentioned pill ingredients, to not take this supplement unless they’ve discussed it with their doctor.

Silencis Pro Pills

The product is sold under 3 different packages:

  • The Basic one involved a one-time only payment, for one month’s supply (60 pills/bottle) for $69.00.
  • The Standard package includes 3 month’s supply, at $59.00/bottle.
  • The Premium package which offers a 6-month’s supply, for $49.00/bottle.

All the packages are one-time only payment, there are no other hidden charges or fees and all packages have free shipping included.

Silencis Pro Ingredients

The ingredients are non-invasive and risk-free. They are recommended to people of all ages and all ingredients are natural and coming from the purest locations, assuring the high degree of bioavailability.

Silencis Pro has 13 ingredients, including: C & B vitamins, folic acid, hibiscus flower, niacin, garlic, olive leaf, hawthorn berry, buchu leaves, uva ursi, juniper berry and green tea.

Now, you may have heard of folic acid being recommended for pregnant women. Few people know that it is actually a “gold-mine” for memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, age-related hearing loss, preventing macular degeneration, sleep problems, depression and nerve pain.

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