Herpes Blitz Protocol Review: Could This Be the Next Big Thing for Herpes?

Thousands of products are being prescribed to Herpes patients and for that, you would have to spend a fortune. Josh Parker, a former U.S. Army Special Ops Combat Medic, an ex-victim of Herpes created a product that intends to treat people with the condition.

The Herpes Blitz Protocol is a 108-page e-book which looks to treat Herpes of other people. In this Herpes Blitz Protocol review, we will be telling you a lot of stuff about it that you might want to know if you have, or if you know someone who has Herpes. In addition to that, we’ll tell you if we think that this program is a breakthrough or just another scam.

About the Author

Josh Parker is a former member of the U.S. special combat team. Unfortunately, he had Herpes. This was the reason for the breakup of his relationship with Emma, his long-time girlfriend. He started seeing physical attributes that Herpes gives and he eventually lost hope.

He was in training one day and he found out from a Moroccan teammate diet contained different anti-herpes ingredients namely:  curcumin, resveratrol, and quercetin. He did his research together with his friend and voila! The birth of the Herpes Blitz Protocol was there.

What is the Herpes Blitz Control package?

This program is known to have been effectively eliminate the Herpes virus from people who has it. The main components of the aid would be the ingredients mentioned above (Resveratrol, Quercetin, and Curcumin). This is a 108-page ebook that guides people with Herpes on what to do in order for them to solve the problem – even if they’re already showing signs and symptoms of the disease. Think it’s a scam? Well, the ebook contains two (2) main areas:

  • Phase One – The Search Phase
  • Phase Two – The Destroy Phase

Phase One

Known as the Search Phase is a 7-day guide to help you find where the Herpes viruses are hiding. What happens in this phase is that it will halt the production of viruses or its replication. And how do you do it? You will be drinking different smoothies to help you block those LSD-1 proteins for a week.

Phase Two

The destroy method or phase denotes a different goal. Once the 7-day preparation is finished, Herpes viruses will now start to appear. In this phase, its complete goal in 21 days is to destroy and eliminate Herpes viruses. Now, it won’t just be smoothies anymore – there are different recipes you need to cook on a daily basis to help you fight LSD-1 proteins.

In the internet, there are different Herpes Blitz Protocol reviews and testimonials which offer the product and tell if it’s legitimate or just a scam. Basing it from what we know of it just now, it might be a helpful complement to whatever prescription we have.

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The Moroccan Diet that started all this

Could you imagine if you were in Josh’s position? What would you think? Are you going to lose hope? He was losing his own sanity until he found out about the Moroccan diet. These anti-herpes ingredients are what complements the treatment for Herpes so we’ll be explaining them below:

  • From its name, it’s really kind of mysterious that it’s a treatment for Herpes. This is the main compound in turmeric that is used in every Moroccan meal. Its wonderful effects is known to kill and eliminate the HSV-1 virus.
  • Red grapes would be the food abundant of this resource. This compound is responsible in defying polyphenol having the ability to stop inflammatory occurrences in our bodies. The good thing about it? It doesn’t have major side-effects.
  • This compound can be found in most of our meal ingredients such as: red onions, apples, and tomatoes. The incredible ability of this compound is it weakens HSV-1 and HSV-2 viruses by a mere 50 percent. Imagine if you consume this in your every meal.

Are there bonuses and add-ons to this Herpes Blitz Protocol package?

Purchasing the package does not only give you the e-book, it also gives you 2 other add-ons of course.

The Sex Drive Stimulator

Victims of Herpes have their sex drives negatively impacted. Buying the package also comes with the sex drive stimulator which will include information about great and effective aphrodisiacs. The sex drive stimulator will drive their sexual innuendos in the most natural manners possible.

The Immune Protection Protocol

In addition to the sex drive stimulator, the package also comes with a 14-day action plan that people can easily follow to enhance the immune system. Along with the Herpes Blitz Protocol program, the improvements in the immune system is greatly complemented by this add-on.

Learn More – Start Today With Money Back Guarantee! (No Questions Asked)


  • One good advantage of getting the Herpes Blitz Protocol for your Herpes is that it’s affordable than other treatments and medications.
  • Another is that the products and ingredients you’ll be dealing with are all-natural so it won’t result to major side-effects.
  • It also comes with a 60-day money back guarantee if you think the product is not for you, you can definitely get your money back.
  • You could do these in the comfort of your own homes so you don’t have to spend time outside, in clinics, or in hospitals.


  • Although the program promises a complete treatment of Herpes, we can’t be too sure. There are different testimonials and feedback that discusses the program being a breakthrough or a scam. This one major disadvantage is that there is no 100 percent guarantee that it will treat your Herpes.
  • The ingredients and products you will use are natural and won’t cause major side-effects. However, there could be some side-effects as different spices, herbs, and ingredients are going to be used.
  • It’s all digital so you won’t be able to ask someone if you have any questions about the recipes, the product, the processes or whatsoever.
  • The procedures and ingredients are just natural; it would still be best if you’ll try and ask a healthcare professional for the best treatment for your Herpes.

Is the Herpes Blitz Protocol package the one to treat my Herpes?

If you’re a Herpes victim, chances are you’ve tried a lot of methods and products already. Have they worked? Did you spend hundreds and thousands of dollars for them? If they improved your condition, was your Herpes entirely cured? If you’re doubting just think of the investment you’re about to make. There are a lot of Herpes Blitz Protocol reviews which will be beneficial for your own use.

One good thing about trying the program is that it won’t require you to purchase expensive medicine. You will use natural products with little-to-no side effects – depending on your health condition. It has a 60-day money back guarantee so you don’t have to worry about trying. Although it doesn’t guarantee a 100% cure from your condition, you won’t be having major side-effects to your health; you’re not going to be investing for something big – you can just try the product because a lot of testimonials and reviews say that it works like magic.

We hope you enjoyed this Herpes Blitz Protocol review. Moreover, we wish and pray that you made up your mind about how you’re going to treat your Herpes.

Are there Discounts and Coupons?

For their website, you can visit them at
. All over the Internet, a lot of discounted prices for the Herpes Blitz Protocol are being offered in their website.