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Did Betty White Die? Top 10 Facts That Would Surprise You about the Truth, Read Now!

Empire News did it again for the umpteenth time! Did Betty White die in real life? Their headline reads “Betty White Dyes Peacefully in her Los Angeles Home”. Now if you would look closely you would definitely see that they said “Dyes” not “Dies” right? But of course, it is so easy to mistake the […]

15 Things You Need to Know about the Iberian Lynx before This Most Endangered Cat Species in the World Disappears Completely

The Iberian Lynx, also known as the Spanish Lynx, is considered as the most endangered among the wild cat species across the globe. The lynx itself is rare but the Spanish Lynx is said to be the rarest for the variety that used to roam Spain and Portugal. There are said to be fewer than […]

 “IS GHOST ADVENTURES FAKE?” Here are 10 Reasons to Find Out the Truth!

We all have our equal share of ghost stories to tell. A lot of you out there may be true believers and others are firm non believers, whichever part of the population you are, there’s a huge chance that you’re also asking the same thing “Is Ghost Adventure fake?” After the tell all of one […]

Ten Most Important Facts About the Shih Tzu Yorkie Mix. The More Reasons You Would Love to Have One!

Shorkies are a crossbreed from two different breeds of dogs, the Yorkshire Terrier and the Shih Tzu. Aside from being extremely cute, the Shih Tzu and Yorkie mix dogs have a lot of interesting traits that will surely make you want to own one. Here, we listed everything that you would need to know about […]

10 Beliefs of George Lincoln Rockwell, the “Greatest American Who Has Ever Lived” that Led to His Assassination

George Lincoln Rockwell was said to be “the greatest American who has ever lived” and this may be true especially for all those who people who, even after his death, are following his beliefs and principles. Rockwell was the founder of the white supremacist organization, American Nazi Party, which followed the ideals of Adolf Hitler. […]

List of Internet Marketing Jobs to Choose From

The world of Internet marketing a very fast paced world. Online business owners know exactly how difficult it is to catch up with this ever evolving field. Of course, they have no choice but to keep up with the trend or they will be left out. With the number of competitors in the niche that […]

Using Social Media Sites Like Facebook For Business Promotion

Everyone loves social media. In fact, almost all of the world’s Internet users have at least one account in a social media website. This has also become a huge advertising ground for many business owners. If you want to maximize the use of these social media sites to advertise your business, you need to know […]

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