Juicy Facts About the Selena Gomez’s Plastic Surgery Claims

Just like most stars in Hollywood, Selena Gomez, who is well-known for her hits like Kill ‘Em With Kindness and Hands to Myself is no stranger to being probed about having her body altered by cosmetic surgery. Recently surfaced photos of Selena showing plumper lips had the Internet debating whether a Selena Gomez plastic surgery took place.

Selena Gomez started very young in the acting and music industry, so most of her fans and critics grew up watching her transform from a Barney kid to a Spring breaker chic.

She has always been a closely followed celebrity in Hollywood. Her fans can’t help but swoon over her OOTDs, summer getaways, bikinis, parties and newly released songs.

Her regular social media account updates keep her fans and critics constantly in the loop. Last Valentine’s day she posted a picture with seemingly plumper lips, which immediately sparked the rumors about her having a lip enhancement.

While fans already have their hands full dealing with her relationship with The Hills singer Abel Makkonen Tesfaye aka The Weeknd, they can’t really help but wonder about her Kylie Jenner like lips.

Expert doctors add more evidence to the Selena Gomez’s plastic surgery claim by pointing out the change of her lips’ thickness and shape.

An expert doctor explained the swollenness of her lips was most probably caused by an injected filler like Hyaluronic Acid or Juvederm.

On one hand, fans speculate that her lip enhancement didn’t happen overnight last February. After comparing series of her old photos, they believe that her pout has gotten bigger through the years.

Apart from the lip enhancement rumor, fans also think that she had other previous surgeries done on her body, most specifically on her breast. This picture was taken in 2011, when she and ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber went to Hawaii.

By comparing her pink bikini picture in Hawaii in the earlier picture and this 2015 black bikini photo in Miami, you can immediately spot the difference between sizes of her chest.

While Selena never really addressed the cosmetic surgery claims above, the large number of photos found all over the social media and the Internet is enough to put an end to the gossips.