Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review – A hidden key to boost your lifestyle?

Today I’ll giving my review on Unlock Your Hip Flexors by Rick Kaselji and this one might interest you, because apparently we have some magical thing sitting within our body and we just never bothered with it, because… well we never really know that it’s there. And if you’re guessing if what it is, well it’s called the Hip Flexors!

Doesn’t ring a bell?

Well it didn’t to me too, I mean I’ve never even heard of them before, don’t get me wrong I know what a hip is and I know what flexing is too. But Hip Flexors is an another thing.

And I bet that most of you don’t know them too, and that’s why I’m here today to review a program called Unlock your Hip Flexors, which basically tackles the topic of this body part of ours, and discussed its importance and how can we actually take good care of it, so that each and every one of us in here will be educated about the new wonders of our body.

The thing is Hip Flexors, as per according to the product Unlock your Hip Flexors are something you should actually be bothered about, and be taken care of. You can actually see some guides and information about this part of the human body through checking outwww.unlockmyhips.com by Rick Kaselj, a kinesiologist and injury specialist who distributes this product

In layman’s terms Rick actually knows what he is trying to sell and share to the people seeing that he claims that this is his field of expertise.

But to be able to have an initial idea of what you can get and what will you actually be buying in the first place (because I know some of you might still be questioning the existence of Hip Flexors) I’ll explain further what the product is and what is it trying to achieve.

Hip Flexors? What is that?

So before I get down to my review of Unlock Your Hip Flexors, let’s first understand if what hip flexors are. Basically they are a part of our body that help with a person’s locomotion. It helps you do your backflips and jaw dropping splits. They is also the ones responsible for connecting your lower and upper body. This was all discussed in the program of Unlock Your Hip Flexors but to give you a quick rundown, here are the ones that make up this part of the human body

  • Psoas Major Muscle. The one that connects the upper and lower body that you possess right now so be thankful to it.
  • Iliacus Muscle. Loving those high kicks, well guess Iliacus did it again! Since this one’s primary work is to work those thighs to flex and rotate them!
  • Pectineus Muscle. Say hi to Iliacus’ brother; this one basically does the same thing, flexing and rotating your thighs.
  • Rectus Femoris Muscle. You better start doing your squats because not only are you getting your bottoms amp up, you’re also exercising a hip flexor! How cool is that?
  • Sartorius Muscle. Remember those stairs that you once had to climb up and your knees were about to give up? This is the one you need to give a pat in the back, because this part of the hip flexor is the one that helps flex those knees and legs of yours

And those are the ones that make up our hip flexors. Now that you know them you might still be thinking, what could be the benefit of taking care of these?

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Now that you know what makes hip flexors and what they do, you might ask – do you really need to unlock them as the name of the product suggest? Do I actually really need to take an extra effort to take care another part of my body? I mean I already have so much in my plate.

By reviewing some articles, studies showed that exercising this part of the human body can actually be beneficial to you. One study shows that an athlete who did a hip flexor exercise helped reduce the times he ran by at least nine seconds. It is also claimed that hip flexor exercises improve one’s range of motions which can lessen getting injuries so for clumsy people out there, this might interest you.

In addition, the program itself claimed that some of the benefits one could get are regaining your vitality, help in the workout that you are currently undergoing and a lot more. Which are also supported by the reviews found in Unlock Your Hip Flexors website.

So yup unlocking your hip flexors is beneficiary for you, may you be young or old, a man or woman, an athlete or a clumsy person. Anyone can benefit from unlocking their hip flexors.

Key Ingredients

Now that everyone has an idea of its benefits let’s see if how can we obtain all of these claims that people have been singing. To do so I’ll give a brief review of Unlock Your Hip Flexors exercises to give you an idea of what are the possible fruits it can bear for you:

  • PNF Stretching. A flexibility training that improves, well of course, obviously our flexibility and muscular strength.
  • Dynamic Stretching. This is basically a warm up for the muscles around your joints.
  • 3 Dimensional Core stability exercises, Yes, not only can you see 3 dimensional things on the cinema you can also do them yourself! The thing is this type of 3D and that type of 3D are worlds apart. Because instead of sitting around watching a movie come alive, this time in this exercise you’ll be working that stomach of yours.
  • Mobility Exercises. Joints, joints, joints, and yes another exercise for the joints, but don’t get too tired because taking care of them are crucial that’s why this exercise that targets them specifically will help you.
  • Fascia Stretching this type of stretching was said to relax and rejuvenate you. In other words, it’s a great stress reliever.
  • Muscle Activation Movements These movements are said to activate those muscles that shut down due to you being a couch potato.

These are some of the exercises that Rick introduced and can be done for 10 minutes a day, which is actually a pretty small amount of time to squeeze in to your schedule no matter how tight it is.

The bundle product where you can buy Unlock Your Hip Flexors is through Rick’s website www.unlockmyhips.com, the bundle comes with a DVD which will show the exercises for you to follow easier, and a PDF manual wherein Rick will go more in depth with the importance of psoas, which as I mentioned earlier, is something that you should be greatly thankful for.

Does it Work?

Well for the results of Unlock Your Hip Flexors, Rick didn’t really state any specific time in which his program will actually kick in. He even said that this is best used on a daily basis for a greater effect.

I do understand why he did not specify any time in which the effects will show, because after all we all have different bodies, we fed it differently, and the environment in which we move in differs from one person to another. So seeing effects to different people cannot happen all at the same time

The Verdict! Is Unlock Your Hip Flexors Worth the Money?

So to wrap up all of those things that I have said – in the end what people would like to know is if it’s worth it, and will people who will buy this will reap the results of all the testimonials of Unlock Your Hip Flexors gave. After all it’s placed at $50 on a regular price and $9 if Unlock Your Hip Flexors is in a discount, which can be pretty hefty for someone as broke as me.

Now this might be a 180 degree turn from the praises I’ve been singing earlier but you see, the benefits of actually doing the exercises in Unlock Your Hip Flexors are great for you, but the overall product itself is sort of another story to discuss about.

The thing is it might be good to purchase one then just ask for a refund if ever you did not like it. After all they promised a money back guarantee NO QUESTIONS ASK! Which is something we would like since it will be risk free. The problem is with the complains the consumers are sending, they reported that they asked for a refund but didn’t get one.

And some are even saying that once you have signed up, your email will be constantly spammed despite unsubscribing to them.

So if you would ask me if Rick’s program is actually worth its price tag even if it’s below $10 at best, with an additional two freebies, I’m afraid to tell you that for me, it’s not.

Most especially, because the Internet offers a plethora of other options for free which you can choose from and wouldn’t need to be bothered with spam mails.

But in the end I still want to remind you people that all of those benefits that I told you are true, and you can acquire those results even without paying $10 or $50. You just need to find the right place to look for. I hope that my review of Unlock Your Hip Flexors thought you something new or help you in some other way.

That’s all folks!

Learn More – Start Today With Money Back Guarantee! (No Questions Asked)